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15th July 2024 


Accredited by the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy

Clinical  & Teaching Accreditations. ECCH

Accredited by the Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna

Clinical  & Teaching Accreditations. Accreditation

Certified Accredited Teacher of Meditation and Mindfulness

Clinical  & Teaching Accreditations. Meditation&Mindfulness

Accredited by the European Association for Psychotherapy as a Registered ECP Holder

Clinical  & Teaching Accreditations. ECP

Accredited with the World Council of Psychotherapy as a Registered Professional Member

Clinical  & Teaching Accreditations. wcp

My long-established clinic is within easy reach of Valletta, Msida and Tarxien in Malta, and also through ONLINE sessions in London, Brussels, Rome, Vienna and/ or anywhere in the World.Just send me an email - or just phone me or we can schedule your sessions online (SKYPE OR ZOOM) and start living your life with a new sense of meaning and joy!

Your greatest personal freedom lies in your attitude - your response to life's questions
Meaning can be found in every moment and everything you do and every experience you encounter. Integrative Hypnopsychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (IHCH) is the integrative and evidence-based process of exploring the individual’s past and present behaviour and actions, experiences and attitudes. It addresses the intrinsic, conscious and unconscious operant values related to dignity and the freedom to take responsibility I will lead you to search for meaning and this will take you to the awareness and consciousness of yourself…

and freedom to really live in full dignity

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