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15th July 2024 

Specialist Integrative Psychotherapy, Hypno-psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (IHCH) in Malta and the World (Online)

How do you describe your life right now? You may not even know how to start... due to overwhelming problems, challenges and pressures....please know I am able to help you...and so kindly continue to read on... In my long professional career I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people deal with and solve all types of struggles and helped them experience relationships being healed, trauma and loss peacefully transformed, and what was once overwhelming was finally cleared up in their lives.

I use very powerful clinical tools to help people do this. I do both individual and group existential psychotherapy and also clinical hypnotherapy with people who have a variety of concerns and are going through great life challenges. Time and again, we find that "the problem" is an aspect of something deeper or something outside your conscious knowledge ...and...that it could be the very source for personal growth and illumination. If you feel severely approach shall give you a new deep conviction and unshakable belief in yourself and also help you uncover your life Purpose, Meaning and Direction.

I help people deal with their immediate challenges in life, while also learning how "problems" can actually be the building blocks to a life rich with meaning and purpose. With the transformative modalities and protocols of Integrative Hypnopsychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (IHCH). Together through the rich tapestry of IHCH we can work through your behaviours and/ or really uncover and resolve the underlying barriers preventing you from reaching your goals and untie the knots of life that may bind you in traps from time to time. A hallmark of this specialist integrative method of IHCH is the relative smoothness of this process in changing your immediate life situation.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
Viktor Frankl

YES.......You can move from sadness to lightness, from anxiety to peace, from chaos to serenity.
YES......You can discover your power, worth, and truth and move into your life with lasting core strength and helpful tools. I shall teach you a potent form of self-hypnosis and a life-long meditation protocol which will change your life, if you choose to continue applying it. You will experience your life progressively and positively changing and while you shall clearly note the difference - most importantly you shall be so happy with yourself and your new experience!

Are you experiencing or you feel severely challenged by any or some of the below........

General Feelings of Anxiety?
..........Obsessional and compulsive thoughts?
..........Fears of any type?
..........Panic episodes?

Grave Sadness, unending grief or depression?
..........Feeling disconnected, empty, or “dead inside”?
..........Feeling stuck?

Confidence issues?
..........Boundary issues?
..........Low self-esteem and/or self-worth?

The aftermath of some traumatic event or events (Physical or Mental - Social or Medical)?
..........Mid-life dissatisfaction and confusion?
..........That things just aren’t “working”?

Difficulty finding a partner or leaving one?
..........Difficulty living in the “adult world”, no matter your age?
..........Relationship issues?
..........Assertiveness or communication in general?

Difficulty finding direction in life and job?
..........Vocational issues?
..........Other mood disorders?

Perhaps..... as a professional (Lawyer, Teacher, Rehab Counsellor, Religious, Medical Doctor, Architect, Sportsperson, Salesperson or other) you have issues or challenges related to: confidence, performance - competency, choices, stress, satisfaction, fear of confrontation or assertiveness? Need to resolve speech impediments and public appearances and need to remain calm, cool and confident in the hot seat?

Perhaps..... you have specific Health and Medical Challenges - Addictions such as Nicotine (Cigarette) addiction, other substances (opioids) or activities (gambling) - Smoking addiction can be eradicated within a few sessions - even online! This can save your life (especially if you suffer from adjunct medical conditions) and so increase your health, happiness and finances!

You are a college student or a just starting out on a Job? Being a college student, or just out from college starting to work, may be one of the most exciting and trying times of your life, isn't it? Sometimes it seems like the learning curve is incredibly steep. Not only are you learning how to study and take exams at a collegiate level, but you are also navigating brand new social scenes and situations. You may also be living away from home for the first time, which presents its own set of challenges. Yet while this is an exciting time, it can also very incredibly stressful. Do any of the below apply to you?:

..........Feeling like you’re not good enough?
..........Feeling overwhelmed or anxious?
..........Feeling pressure to perform?
..........Speech problems / concentration and memory problems?

Are you ready to get confident in your skin and feel capable of handling this new phase of your life? College is a time of transformation and change, and while it can be challenging, it can also be a fun experience. It’s time for you to enjoy college and start discovering who you are—as well as having a bit of fun. I shall teach you a powerful protocol of self-hypnosis ......this really changes your student and work life and move you into success and achievement - as many can attest and as clinical studies prove. If you are ready to transform your college experience, please contact me for your complimentary phone consultation for more information about counselling-coaching and clinical hypnotherapy to break any of your current barriers quickly.

Whatever your current challenges.....Let's get started's easier when you open yourself to guidance.......To discover what is running your problem and healing it so you can get on with your life, feeling much better. These are just some of the issues I helped hundreds of clients to resolve or heal with the integrative clinical psychotherapeutic process of IHCH, over the past 35 years. My clinical practice is available in clinics and hospital settings. I also work as a specialist in multidisciplinary medical and professional team settings to give clients and patients the very best care and follow-up in clinical, educational, sport or personal interventions.

Your greatest personal freedom lies in your attitude - your response to life's questions

Meaning can be found in every moment and everything you do and every experience you encounter

Integrative Hypnopsychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (IHCH) is a wholistic process of exploring the individual’s past and present behaviour and actions, experiences and attitudes. It addresses the intrinsic, conscious and unconscious operant values related to dignity and the freedom to take responsibility

I will lead you to search for meaning and this will take you to the awareness and consciousness of yourself…
and freedom to really live in full dignity

My long-established clinic is within easy reach of Valletta, Msida and Tarxien in Malta, and also through ONLINE sessions in London, Brussels, Rome, Vienna and/ or anywhere in the World.
Just send me an email - or just phone me or...... we can schedule your sessions online (SKYPE OR ZOOM)..... and start living your life with a new sense of meaning and joy!